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reincarnation (轮回) is just a belief

it is good that reincarnation is introduced in detail. however, whether there is reincarnation or not is purely a matter of personal belief. reincarnation has nothing to do with physics and science. it can be never proved nor disproved experimentally. let me explain the idea of reincarnation more theoretically.

the concept of reincarnation originates from the question "why echo?". every human being is essentially curious about the existence of himself/herself, like "why am i me?", "why am i not you or any other person?". these questions have no sense from the point of view of science. note that it is not asking why there is life, or why people can think, which can be studied scientifically in priciple. it is asking something about "echo". one further of such question is "is it true that after i dead, i will never sense the world although it lasts forever? in other words, will i totally disappear?". these questions maybe relevant to a person's attitude towards his/her own life. namely real religion sits on them.

buddha answered these questions by understanding echo as a composition of all the sensations. in certain sense, he thought that the world is made of sensations. therefore, after one life is dead, the echo does not disappear, because the world is there, all the sensations are still there. echo should re-appears in another living body. you see the concept of reincarnation comes out. note he did not deny, but was not interested in the real material world. he emphasised on the world of spirits. in modern language, budda's answer can be interpretted as follows. because of its self interactions, the universe can sense, can feel itself. that is echo! namely the universe knows the existence of itself. the sensation, or this "knowing" composes the echo. in other words, echo is nothing but the self interaction of the universe. therefore, echo exists all the time, currently in a manner from one human life to another.

many wise people have realized similar answer as buddha, they are all buddhas in the sense of original buddhism. (i do no imply that otherwise people are not wise.)

as far as the memory is concerned, it is a function of brains. it can be a subject of science. with the death of brains, memories are lost.

the above is my own understaning of the concept of reincarnation. i think it is more close to the original idea of buddhism, although it is in modern and some scientific terms. the understanding might be incomplete for some people. it deserved further developments. that is the reason that there have been so many different schools of buddhism. note from the explanation, you can see that reincarnation cannot be proved in any scientific way. it simply says that the universe feels itself.

in one sentence, you (the sensation of echo) are always in this world.

(i am sorry for using english with gramma and word mistakes, i cannot print chinese characters in my current computer.)

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